About Me

Nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to myself and my blog. My story’s fairly simple. I grew up in Princeville, Illinois (read: Rural, Central Illinois—near Peoria). My family owns a freezer beef business where we raise Black Angus cattle for the local market. This is where my “career” began. I started doing the marketing for our family’s beef business and absolutely fell in love with this field (that I didn’t even know was a field at the time) of communicating agriculture.

After dabbling around with our small family business, I also pursued further communications roles by serving as my chapter and section FFA reporter in high school. This further solidified that this was the direction I wanted to go, so that’s how I ended up at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I’m now finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communication and will graduate in May of 2017.

During my time in college, I’ve had several internships which have given me an incredible range of experiences in both communication and learning about the agriculture industry. Currently, I’m a contributing writer for The Odyssey Online. (Give my author page a follow!) I love using this as a creative space to write about anything and everything that matters to me. I’m also interning for the Center of Commercial Agriculture at Purdue, which has been a really great way to get some multimedia experience and interact with faculty in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

If you’d like to learn more about my professional experiences, please visit my LinkedIn page here or request a resume on my contact form.

I hope that you’ll visit my blog to stay updated on what I’m up to and visit my Odyssey Profile here.