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Changing Our Small Piece of the World

As most of you know, I love writing. I find it to not only be relaxing, but also a wonderful tool to allow my thought processes to develop. As most of you also know, my last year of college is upon me. I’m finishing up my degree in Agricultural Communication. As I look to the future,  I want to transition this blog into a more professional platform that highlights both my writing and my career path.

As I’ve gone throughout my time in college, many of my Agriculture and Science classes have focused on the mission to feed the world in a sustainable way. There is a push to eliminate hunger, fight obesity, and mitigate the environmental footprint, because every human being has the right to a healthy and nutritious diet, and our children have the right to enjoy our planet as we have.

Throughout my time studying, my passion for sustainable production has grown. I feel strongly about the need for our food system to be environmentally responsible while also eliminating the inequalities that exist in the system as it is today.

The Agriculture industry has many tasks ahead, but I know that many of those changes are wrapped up in headache-inducing government policies and economic systems that leave most of us feeling absolutely bewildered in what should be done to solve these problems.

But, here’s the deal–most of us aren’t producers. The majority of people in this world are CONSUMING the goods, so what I would like to focus on, is how WE can be responsible consumers, to play our role in mitigating climate change and eliminating food disparities.

My motto has always been, “It doesn’t matter if no one else cares about what I do. If I know that I’m changing my little piece of the world, I find my work rewarding.” And this is what I’m going to use as the motto for this blog going forward. I want to focus on small changes that each of us can make in our every day lives to become more sustainable consumers in our small piece of the world.

I know that in our society, almost everything is attainable. We don’t need to be responsible with our goods, because we’re all rich enough to afford to be wasteful. However, I don’t think this means we SHOULD be.

I’d like to invite you to continue reading my blog as I discover new ways to be environmentally and economically tactful. My mission is to be a good steward of both my money and resources, in my small corner of the world, and I’d love for you to join.

I’m a college student. My footprint on the world is already very small. But, I think I can do better. And that’s the mindset I’m inviting you to take on.




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