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Some More Lake Lovin’

Wednesday, June 8

I had another adventure booked for the very next day this week, trying to squeeze everything in. Today, I went up to Penrith and then caught a bus to Ullswater Lake.


I only had a few hours to hike around by the time I got to Ullswater, due to the bus timetables, but I managed to go up and see a waterfall called Aira Force and do some more hiking through sheep fields, so I had a really good time with that.


After going up, I came back down to the coast and walked along the waterfront for a bit before catching a bus back to Penrith. The views of the mountains from the lake were just absolutely stunning.


As I said, I didn’t have a ton of time, as I was dealing with bus timetables and cheap train tickets, but I had another really nice day of exploring!