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My Kinda Procrastination


Wednesday,  June 1

I got back from Dorset on Monday and I knew that I didn’t have my last exam until the following Monday, so I decided to take an adventure by myself as a break from revising and boy am I glad that I did, because this was one of my favorite days that I’ve had! I decided to spend the day up by Lake Windermere.


I took the train up to Windermere and then walked to Bowness where I got a ferry to Ambleside. If that wasn’t confusing, then you’re doing something wrong. Because I had a hard time keeping this all straight, but it’s fine. Anyways, when I finally got to Ambleside, I had a cute little lunch and then set out for my hike. Before I came, I’d found a recommended hiking path and so I followed that. It was absolutely beautiful!


Hiking in the UK is so much fun, because you literally just hike through fields of sheep on funny little paths, but I was just having the time of my life. It ended up being a lot longer (and more uphill) of a hike than I expected, because in total it was 15 miles and I was so exhausted by the time I was done. The peak was Wansfell Pike, and the views were absolutely stunning from this point. I literally just sat down (mostly from exhaustion) because the views were that breathtaking.IMG_7573IMG_7580

Pictures still don’t do it justice; God’s creativeness overwhelmed me and I just felt so incredibly blessed to be able to have this time to be able to travel and see the world.¬†IMG_7589.JPG

On the way down, I was racing with time to get back to the ferry in time, and I actually ended up running for part of it, which probably looked hilarious, but it’s fine. All in all, such a great (and exhausting) day well spent!