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My Cheeks Hurt from Smiling

This weekend was one for the books. Today was a Bank Holiday, which meant no classes, and also meant a longgg weekend. And though I stayed within a 30 mile radius of campus, I had a really great time. There were actually several things happening at once, so juggling all of this was in itself an accomplishment to be noted.

Lake Windermere Lake Cruise

First, this weekend was the release of the Captain America: Civil War movie in the UK. Now, this may seem like just a small and passing event to most humans, but considering that my favorite Furness flat and I have been talking about this event for almost a month, we were pretty excited about this! Rightly so, we booked our tickets a month in advance and planned our entire weekend around seeing the movie on Friday.

Grainy Theatre Pic for the win

This weekend was also Roses Weekend! Roses is an annual sports competition between Lancaster University and the University of York. It’s apparently the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe. The name “Roses” comes from the 15th Century civil war, The Wars of the Roses, which was fought between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Each year, the venue changes between Lancaster Uni and York, and this year, it was held at Lancaster. This was lucky for me, so I was able to join in on the fun!


I started out my Roses fun on Friday morning, where I was able to see my first cricket match. I only caught the very end and barely understood what was happening, but I’d like to watch another some time! In the afternoon, I caught a bit of men’s football (soccer) and attended the big opening ceremony event in the Roses Stadium. This was the Women’s football match. I wasn’t able to stay for the entire time, since I was scooting off for the movie, but it was fun to be in the excitement of the weekend. Even though it is such a big deal here, it was still really weird to see this big weekend and know that it is still smaller than a regular American football game at Purdue.


After the football match, I headed into town to catch up with Victoria, Victoria, and Catherine and we watched Civil War. It was so much fun and we just had a ton of fun acting like small children and being way too obsessed with the film.

On Saturday, American Victoria and I took on the day to enjoy some more Roses fun. We hopped around to a variety of different matches and got to watch football, American football, and some Rugby. My favorite was watching American football, because it is sooo different here. In fact, they didn’t even have goalposts!

American Football Match

On Sunday, American Victoria, Catherine, and I went to Windermere, which is just about 30 miles north, in the Lake District. We started off our morning in an interesting manner. After missing two busses and having to call a taxi to just get into town, we finally made it to the train station and found out that due to the Bank Holiday, the trains weren’t running, so we ended up taking a coach bus to Windermere. After getting there, our adventures continued. Soon after we walked off the bus, we witnessed a violent disagreement and called the police. Our day was then delayed as we sorted out the witness details in Windermere. After a long delay to our day, we finally made the hike to Bowness, which is the actual town near the lake.

Bowness, England

Since it was 2:30, we were starving for lunch, so we first went to the Beatrix Potter tea room and enjoyed a High Tea. The Beatrix Potter museum is near here, because she spent much of her time writing in the Lake District and drew upon its beauty for the inspiration for many of her stories. After that, we took the museum tour and visited the gift shop. It was so much fun to relive my childhood stories in the fictional world.

After our stop here, we went down by the lake. It was extremely rainy and drizzly out and it was also late in the day, so we didn’t figure we had much time to do a lot of exploring, but we did take a little Lake Cruise and enjoyed the beauty from the warmth of the boat.


Oh, and I almost forgot the best part about Bowness. They have extremely friendly birds right by the lake, so I made friends with a swan.


And since we had the day off today, and because we are super nerdy and fun, the squad (Victoria, Victoria, Catherine, and I) went into town again and had a yummy lunch, walked to the Ashton Memorial… and……

…saw Civil War again!! But this time, we bought souvenir cups…


So, needless to say, my heart is so full after a wonderful weekend filled with laughs and adventure with some of my favorite people on this planet.