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A Piece of Pisa Pizza

Sorry about my lack of keeping up with my travel blog over the past week. I was actually busy being a good student during the past few evenings and I was finishing up an essay that is due when I get back. I have another one that needs done, too, but I think it’s time for a break from that.

When I left you, I was heading to Dublin-which seems like forever-ago now! I think the Italian sunshine is giving me memory loss. But, it was nice to be back in Dublin again, because I was able to meet up with Tessa for the 3rd time! And it was a much needed catch-up after only having myself to talk to for a week 🙂

I left Dublin midday on Tuesday and headed for the land of sunnier weather. Ahh, Italy. I fell in love the minute I stepped off the plane into the 70 degree weather. I landed in Pisa, Italy, which was a perfect start to my Italian adventure. It is a small city, so I felt very safe and was able to relax and enjoy myself.


Yes, Pisa is the Pisa that you’re thinking of-the city with the famous leaning tower. But, it also just has a wonderful Tuscan charm. Pisa is very small and very walkable, so I was able to get right off of the plane on Tuesday and walk straight to the tower. The tower itself is actually pretty small, and there isn’t a whole lot to it unless you pay the 16 euro to go inside of it, but I was a classic tourist and got my selfie and basic photo.

And yes, that is indeed me in a tee-shirt, because it was so sunny and warm. And of course since it was my first night in Italy, after seeing the tower, I had to have a pizza in Pisa.

IMG_4328 (1)
A Piece of Pisa Pizza, anyone?

To walk off the pizza, I took a stroll around the city in the evening and was able to enjoy a beautiful Tuscan sunset over the canal.

On Wednesday, I had a train at midday again, so I got up early and enjoyed a warm and refreshing walk strolling the streets of Pisa again before heading off to Venice!