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As of now, I’m officially on Easter Holiday. I finished up my last week of term this week, with lots of papers and presentations due. I put in a lot of work in the beginning of the week, though and then treated myself to some pre-spring break fun with some spontaneous day trips.

On Wednesday afternoon, Victoria & I took the bus to Heysham, because she had been telling me for awhile that it was her favorite place on earth. Obviously, this claim had me intrigued and I had to see it for myself. It definitely lived up to expectations.

Fun Fact: The black stuff on the rocks is a bunch of squishy, dead seaweed. It feels so weird when you step on it!

This little town is only about an hour bus ride away from Lancaster, but it felt like we were in a completely different country! It was such a sunny and warm day, too, which just added to the glory of it all. And, one of the best parts is that it is just so quiet. We only ran into a handful of people on the beaches.


When we first got to Heysham, we walked to this little old church. It is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been. It is surrounded by old tombstones and beautiful flowers and they still hold services in the tiny building. It’s so different than all of the big, ornate cathedrals that are scattered around most of the cities here.

After that, we hiked up a hill where St. Patrick’s Chapel ruins are. They apparently date back to the 8th or 9th century!!


And, of course, we needed to take some cliche jumping pictures…

After that, we hiked down along the beach shore. The rocks were actually really hard to walk on, because they were covered in slippery, dead seaweed. And my boots got REALLY muddy, but it was so worth it!

And then, we found this cool little rock cliff that was just screaming, “Climb Me!”


Friendship & Sunshine made for a wonderful reward for finishing my deadlines.

And then on Thursday, Ellie and I decided to go to Manchester, last minute. We had been wanting to get here for awhile, and it finally worked out. If I’m being honest, 90% of the reason I wanted to go was just to go to this Alice in Wonderland Tea Room. It was so adorable.

After tea, we meandered through Manchester’s Northern Quarter and ran across some amazing street art.

Before heading home, we went to Chetham’s Library, which is the oldest library in the English speaking library. You could tell. I’ve never seen books that old!

Tomorrow, I leave for London to begin my spring break travels! I have four weeks off before summer term starts. So, I’ll be saying goodbye to the UK for a little while!