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Falling in Love

I found out a few weeks ago that my last exam for the term is June 6, and I originally had a flight scheduled back on June 27th. This means I can come home early. As I said, I found this out a couple of weeks ago. Yet, I haven’t changed my flight yet. I think this is because maybe, just maybe, I’m falling in love with little Lancaster. I can’t bring myself to think about leaving. Of course, I will be so excited to see people back home, but I’ve also met some awesome people here that I will be really sad to leave!

Never fear. I will return to the land of Indiana/Illinois eventually. But a lot of adventures lie between now and then, so I will keep on making memories (and going broke) until then.

The View from Housesteads Roman Fort

This past weekend, I got to make another one of those memories by visiting Hadrian’s Wall. This wall was built by the Scots around 128 AD to send a message to the Roman Empire that they didn’t want to be messed with! It was really surreal getting to see such old ruins that are still in tact today.


I went on another coach trip that was put on by the University, so we had a few scheduled stops. I spent the day with my pal, Victoria. First off, we visited the¬†Housesteads Roman Fort. This contained the ruins from an old Roman Fort that was built around the same time. I had this surreal moment when we were walking along the wall and realized that these ruins were built just a couple of hundred years after Jesus was on Earth. Like, they are closer to His time period than mine! Crazy old. But, this was a really cool spot. And I was amazed that we were still able to walk all over the old ruins. Here’s a couple of my favorite shots!

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After getting our Roman fill, we hopped on the bus for a short while and then parked to take a stroll. We were aiming to walk along the wall to Sycamore Gap. This is a glorified tree. It happens to be where they filmed Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, for any of you who have seen that film. I haven’t. So, it was merely a tree to me. But, the hike there was AMAZING.


It was definitely a hike to get to the tree, but it was perfect weather out and it felt so good to be out in nature and not just be touring another city. And, of course, we paused along the journey for photo-ops (AKA: breath-catching)

It took us about an hour to walk to the gap, and then finally we arrived. There it is, in all it’s glory & splendor. Ladies & Gents, I present to you, Sycamore Gap.

So, the tour guides lied. We actually hiked PAST Sycamore Gap. But, it was SO worth it.

Nope. Not Me. Victoria.

After Hadrian’s Wall, we went to Carlisle for a few hours. Victoria and I were so satisfyingly tired, we ended up sitting at a cafe for over an hour, but we also managed to sneak in a bit of time to take a peak at the Carlisle Cathedral.


Well, until next time, I’ll just be writing essays & doing group presentations. Term ends in four days! (Not that I’m counting down till break or anything…)