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Back to the East Side

Sadly, I can feel reality starting to sink in. At least for a little bit. The thing is, it’s the end of week 6 here. And there’s 10 weeks in the term. This means, it’s time to get serious. Meaning, I have  a lot of essays to write. Also meaning, I won’t be doing much traveling until Easter Break now. But never fear, I did manage to squeeze in a quick day trip with my travel pal, Ellie, this Saturday!

The Study Abroad Society had this trip planned for awhile now, so we didn’t have to do much other than hop on a charter bus and enjoy the ride. This weekend took us to Newcastle, Durham, and Angel of the North-all on the East side of Northern England. Here’s what we did.

We arrived in Newcastle at about 10 am and we had about four hours to explore this city. After getting coffee and breakfast in our bodies, we explored the Cathedral and Castle of Newcastle before we wandered along the “Quayside.” This is just a fancy word to describe the river bank of the River Tyne in Newcastle. There are like five bridges that stretch across the river, and so we enjoyed getting cliche pictures of them and walking on the pedestrian bridge. We also managed to wander into Newcastle’s Market, see their Chinatown, and get a selfie with the big monument in the center of town. All this while also making time for some sushi within the four hour time span. Mission accomplished.

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After Newcastle and before Durham, the Charter bus made a pit stop at The Angel of the North. This is basically a giant piece of public art and some fun facts include:

-The Angel is as tall as 4 double decker buses & its wingspan is as big as that of a jumbo jet

-It is made from 200 tons of steel

– It is seen by over 150,000 visitors a year & more than 90,000 drivers every day on the A1


We arrived in Durham around 3 o’clock, so we had just about three hours in this city. Our main interest in this city was that we wanted to see the Durham Castle, which was actually a film site for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone & the Chamber of Secrets.


After that awe-striking experience, we did some shopping and exploring in town. Apparently, Durham just so happened to be having some sort of festival, because all over town, there were these ice sculptures and the city was pretty crowded with visitors!


We ended the day in Durham by enjoying some good ole’ fish and chips, but Durham had decided that it hadn’t entertained us enough, so we were surprised with a light show as we ate dinner and were able to catch a few minutes of it before we boarded the bus for home!