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Brr, Brr, Birmingham

On Saturday (January 30), I took another bus trip with the University here. This time, we went to Birmingham. Fun Fact: This is the second largest city in the U.K. I had no idea of this fact until I was already on the bus. I also had failed to do any research on this city, so I was just going into it blind. It turned out okay, actually!

However, it was EXTREMELY cold and windy on Saturday, so I was a baby and I didn’t take a ton of pictures. This city was so unique and different from all of the other places I’ve been so far. It was extremely modern, with a lot of unique architecture to be seen. However, it also had some of the traditional buildings I’ve seen across the U.K. so far and then to add to the mix, Birmingham has a crazy canal system, with apparently more miles of canals than Venice! So, basically, it was a very diverse city, with lots to see!

Some of you may recognize the city for the famous Bull Ring Shopping Center:

When we got there around 11:30, we were all starving, so we scouted out this delicious burger place and then started exploring the town. One of my friends from Lancaster has a friend studying in Birmingham, so he came to meet us and give us a tour of the city.

First, we went to this mall that used to be the place of the Royal Mail Service but has now been turned into this ultra-posh shopping mall. And I mean ULTRA POSH. I felt uncomfortable walking in this place with jeans. And there were security people at every entrance. Felt super comfortable (cue sarcasm).

Anyways, we did also sneak onto an elevator and walk to the top of this ritzy bar to get a glimpse at the city. I’d say it was worth it.

After this, we walked out the back door and came upon one of the canals. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in England! (Although the cold wind did a pretty good job of reminding me)


After strolling the canals, we took a peek into the most modern library I have ever seen! This also had an amazing rooftop view and it felt more like I was in a museum!

To round out our tour, we went to a free art museum and took a tour of Birmingham City University. And of course, we had afternoon cream tea. Because what trip is complete without tea & clotted cream? None. The answer is none. It was a quick day, but I’m really glad I got to see this city! It was a contrast to the others I’ve been to so far!

Sorry again, for the lack of documentation via photos. I was just not in the photo-snapping mood!