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Putting the Study in Study Abroad

So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately along the lines of “So, do you actually do any studying?” As a matter of fact, I do. And, I’ve been wanting to tell you about it for quite some time. So the whole reason I came over here was to actually go to class and be an exchange student in another country. Consequently, that involves actually going to class and studying. This post may be boring. You’ve been warned.

So first of all, let me explain the structure of the terms, which quite honestly, I don’t even quite understand yet. So, here at Lancaster University, they have 3 ten week terms to make up their school year. They do ten weeks in the fall, ten weeks in the spring, and then they have this odd ten weeks of “revision/classes/exams.” Again, I don’t quite understand that part. But, anyways, I am here for spring and summer. This means, I am taking four classes right now and then I have my four week Easter vacation and come back for a five week class and exams.

This might be an easier way to explain it: 

January 11-March 18: Spring Term (10 Weeks of Classes)

March 19-April 17: Easter Break (Travel/Study for Exams)

April 18-May 20: 1st 5 Weeks of Summer Term (My Summer Class)

Anytime between April 18-June 24: Open Game for Exams?!?

They told me I would find out my exam dates sometime in February or March, so as soon as I find that out, I find out when I get to come home!

So now that you know how it works, what about the actual classes? My fifth class I won’t find out about until summer, but for now, here’s what I’m taking:

LEC.331-Food & Agriculture in the 21st Century: This is about how our agriculture systems have developed over the years and how food is produced and perceived today. This one is based on 50% on the final exam and 50% on an essay.

LEC.223-Cultural Geography: This class is about how humans interact with and change the landscape around them. Riveting. It is also based 50% on an essay and 50% on the final.

LEC.201-Eco-Innovation: This one is about sustainable business practices and developing innovations that help to better sustain our environment. I’m really enjoying this one! It is based 70% on a paper and 30% on a group presentation.

LING.214-Corporate Communication: This is about how corporate companies can better their communications strategies. LOVE this one! It is based on a series of small projects and papers and then 20% on the final.

So as you can kind of tell from this, there’s not really that much homework involved. A lot of my time is spent doing independent readings, because we don’t have as much class time either. This is definitely different than I’m used to, but I’m not minding it too much (yet).

Center of Campus

Eventually, I’ll get around to sharing a video of my dorm/campus, but for now, this picture will have to do 🙂

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