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Walking in a Scottish Wonderland

Well, today is the two week mark. That’s right. 14 days since I’ve been on U.S. soil. It’s kind of strange, but I’m also feeling much more comfortable. Later this week, I will write more about my class routine & campus life, but since that’s too technical for a Monday, let’s get on to the fun stuff! This weekend, I traveled to Glasgow, Scotland for a day trip put on by the university.

This included leaving campus at 7 am on a Saturday. That was brutal. The good thing about this was, the ride up was absolutely breathtaking. This picture doesn’t quite capture the splendor of the mountain morning sunrise, but it was like nothing I’ve seen before.

bus ride
Good Morning, Scotland 🙂

However, after the 4 hour bus ride (which should only have taken 2.5, might I add), we arrived safely and much more awake than when we started!


Casually eating in a castle.

First on the agenda? Breakfast. So, as we do in the U.K., we sipped tea in a castle. It also started to snow almost as soon as we got off the bus. But it wasn’t a blizzardy snow. It was a picturesque, snow globe type of snow, which just added to the enchantment of being in Scotland. Also, one of the friends that I have here is from Australia, and this was her first time seeing snow, which just added to the novel magic of the experience.

After filling our stomachs, we decided to head off to Hogwarts. (ehemm) I mean, the University of Glasgow. (common mistake) We rode the Subway from the city centre to the Northwest corner of Glasgow. Here, we visited a free art museum & The University of Glasgow, which, was indeed, inspiration for the architecture in Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. With the snow circling around us, it really felt like I was in the movie!

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After exploring the north side of the city, we took the subway back to the center, where the memories kept building and I just have to share my favorite part of the day with you.

Here he is, the little rascal

We were walking in the middle of the street when suddenly I look up and there was this little nine-year old boy with a snowball in hand. He makes eye contact with me and proceeds to chuck a snowball right at me. I was so surprised, I let out a huge scream, which only instigated him more. Knowing how to treat a nine-year old boy, I decided to join in on the fun, so I made a snowball and hit him right back. This turned into a classic snowball fight in the middle of the city, which ended in the group of us girls running off in retreat.





Well, after our street escapades came to an end, we found our way to a shopping mall to do some browsing of Scottish cashmere and tartan. Oh, and I got a picture with a police booth! Anyone a Dr. Who fan? All in all, it was a gloriously fabulous day. The best part? Laughing and making memories with my new friends! I know, I’m cheesy.