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One Weekend. Three Cities.

Lancaster on Friday, Liverpool on Saturday, Chester on Sunday. That’s how my weekend went. It was a pretty surreal experience, seeing some of these things. There are still some times that I forget that I’m in England.

Friday (The 8th) after registering for classes, a group of girls and I went to Lancaster to take a formal tour of the castle and do some exploring down by the waterfront. We then ate dinner at this underground pub that used to be an old wine cellar. It has been around since 1866! Here are pictures from the day:

On Saturday (the 9th), one of my new friends-Ellie-and I decided last minute to take the train to Liverpool, England.  Liverpool is known as the “hometown of the Beatles.” We saw the famous Yellow Submarine, saw the Beatles museum and walked along Albert Dock. We just plain did a lot of walking. At the end of the day, my FitBit had registered 32,000 steps & 13.5 miles. We made sure to include the traditional fish & chips for lunch and all-in-all, were able to navigate our first day trip pretty smoothly! It was a really great day.

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Sunday (the 10th) was a planned trip to Chester, England. This town is super close to Wales, so we traveled Southwest to get here. The trip was planned by the Study Abroad Society here, so we took two charter buses full of international students from across the world. I hung out with my friend Ellie again. To start our day, we enjoyed a traditional English breakfast at an adorable tea room.

After our stomachs were full, we toured the beautiful Chester Cathedral. It was nice, because as we were touring, they were having Mass, so we were able to listen to services while walking around the beautiful, old architecture. The stained glass and intricate details were breathtaking. These pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.

After this, we enjoyed some of the rich history of Chester. It used to be a Roman city, so there is a two mile wall that is still surrounding and running throughout the city. We spent an hour walking along the wall, enjoying the remnants of the beautiful ruins.

After this jaunt, we were pretty tired from our big weekend. We spent the rest of the afternoon just casually strolling the beautiful streets of the town of Chester. The best way I can describe it, is it looks like it is out of Hansel & Gretel.  Oh, and I saw my first telephone booth!

It was a really great weekend, a great way to explore and have some fun before school starts!