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It’s getting real.

This week has been quite the week of preparations for study abroad. I attended two orientation meetings and bought my plane tickets!

On Tuesday, I went to a workshop that was all about Foreign Travel 101. It was basically about how to make the most of your study abroad experience from a monetary and personal standpoint. He gave us great tips on affordable travel, but he also gave some really good tips on how to prepare mentally to get the most out of this experience. It was pretty awesome and gave me a new perspective going into traveling.

On Wednesday, I bought my plane tickets! This was a somewhat frightening experience, because it made everything seem really real. Like, this is actually happening in 45 days! I’ll be flying out of Chicago at 9 am on January 4th & after a layover in London, I will arrive at Manchester airport on the morning of the 5th. (Manchester is about an hour away from Lancaster)

On Thursday, I had an orientation meeting with all of the Purdue students who will be traveling to the UK next semester. There are several who will be in the UK and three other girls will be joining me at Lancaster. We got to talk with exchange students from England who are studying here this semester as well as hear from Purdue students who studied there last spring. It was really awesome to hear from students’ perspectives about what to expect.

All in all, it was a stressful but amazing week and I am left feeling really excited to begin this journey.


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Chasing Dreams, Trying New Things

From now on, in addition to sharing my travel and life adventures, every Tuesday I will be posting an article from The Odyssey Online.

I’ve always loved writing and it has been a dream for me to publish my writing, but I’ve always been really scared to share it with anyone. On a whim, I decided to apply to be a writer for They Odyssey, which is an online news source that shares the thoughts, news, and opinions of college students and other individuals.

I was really excited when they told me that I go the position. This was definitely a dream that I have chased for a long time and it’s a really cool journey to be able to venture out on.

So many people have been influential in shaping me into the person that I am today and giving me the confidence to try new things, but I have to especially thank my parents, so I dedicated my first piece to my mom. Thanks, Mom (& Dad) for always loving me, supporting me, and encouraging me to live life for a purpose greater than myself.

This week, I wanted to write about something that’s been weighing heavy on my heart, due to the events that have transpired this past week. The hashtag #PrayforParis has been circulating on Social Media this weekend, and so I choose to write out some specific prayers that I have been praying for as we mourn with this country.

I promise I won’t always take this long to write about these articles, but I want to give you a sneak peak or a back story behind why I write what I write. Keep following to stay updated!



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Here’s to a new adventure!

Well, this is it. I’d like to officially announce that I am going to be studying abroad next semester! (Yes, as in two months from now.) You may be wondering some of the details…

  1. I will be attending Lancaster University. It is in Lancaster, England. Where is that, you ask? It is about one hour north of Manchester or three hours northwest of London. (Also, a ferry ride away from Dublin and a day’s hike down to Wales)

lancaster location

2.  Lancaster University uses the trimester system, so I will actually be over there for what they call Lent Term and Summer Term. Lent Term runs January 8th-March 18th. I will then have a month off for Easter Break and continue for Summer term from April 15th-June 24th. So if ya’ll wanna come and visit me, I will be loving some company over Easter Break! 🙂

3. I have an orientation week that starts on January 5th, so I plan to leave January 4th. I haven’t booked my plane ticket yet, but this is the “estimated departure date.”

4. I also have not received my notification of where I will be living yet, but since I will be considered an exchange student, I will be living in University Residences. Stay tuned for more info on this!

5. The most frequently asked question I get is, “How are you going to pack everything?” And you know, I honestly have no idea! Thinking about being there that long makes me think I need a suitcase just for my shoes, but we will see how that goes.

6. I’ve also been asked by several people, “Why did you decide to go?” It’s a great question! Check out my post on why I decided to study abroad. 

As you may be able to tell, I don’t have a ton of information yet. The process has been pretty slow and just relies on me being VERY patient, but that’s probably good for me.

In the meantime, I would love to answer any questions you may have. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I am really excited to be sharing this journey with you all.

56 Days and Counting…

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3,812 Miles

3,812 Miles. According to Google Maps, that’s the distance from Purdue University to Lancaster University. Google also told me I couldn’t get there by walking, driving, or bicycling. Thanks, Google.

But, really—I’ve been asked this question a lot. Why? Why am I flying 3,812 miles with absolutely no one I know, to a place I’ve never been before, to study the same subjects that I could study in West Lafayette, Indiana at the age of 19?

Glad you asked. Those are actually the exact reasons why I’m going!

I have never been in a place where I don’t know anyone. I’ve always been really comfortable, in a safe and predictable environment. A lot of people would say I haven’t had to deal with a lot of challenges. Now, I fully believe that life offers enough challenges of its own, no matter where we are located. But, my point in all of this is that I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and to see who I am and what I’m made of away from everything I know.

Not only will I not know anyone around me, but the culture and scenery will all be different. I have always had an appetite for adventure and a thirst to see and experience new things and when I think about the chance to go abroad for six months in a brand new place of discovery, my heart leaps with excitement!

And lastly, I get to do all of this at the young age of nineteen while also getting my education! I will be an exchange student, so the cost will be the same as being at Purdue. Getting Credit while living in the United Kingdom? I think yes! I have heard from so many people that their one regret after school was that they didn’t study abroad. I don’t want to leave with that regret. And for real—at what other point in my life will I be able to be in Europe for six months AND earn credit for it??